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About Application

Life has many sides and one of the essential parts of life is having a dream job. If we like our job, our life becomes more happy and successful, everybody has some dream job which they want to do, we dream since childhood that we want to become a doctor, lawyer, dancer, etc. Which job suits you application? Predicts about your dream job and gives you positive energy to achieve your goal. But keep in mind that this result is just for entertainment purposes it has nothing to do with the reality. Which Job suits your Application makes your leisure time very interesting and joyful, by using this application you will know which job actually matches your personality? Like a doctor, singer, dancer, comedian, etc.

How does this Application calculate the result?

Which job suits you? Application is only for fun, you have to just click the play button and then Application will calculate the result by using some details form your Facebook profile like your name, hobbies, education, the Facebook page you follow, and profile picture. Then it automatically generates the result that which job is better for you.

What will your friends feel after posting it on the Facebook wall?

After the result, you can post it to your Facebook wall so that your friend can see the amazing result, and they can also use it for great fun and enjoyment.


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