Are You More Like Your Dad Or Mom?

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About Application

A parent is one of the most precious gifts of god for children. Parent’s means mom and dad, no one can take their place. Parents are ideal for any children; every child wants to be like their mother's and father. Children have some similar qualities of their parents like, their look, nature, working style, etc. so to know you have more qualities of your mom or dad, We have one application called Are you more like your mom or dad? This application is very interesting, it will make you happy.

How does this Application calculate the result?

Are you more like your mom or dad ? Application is only for entertainment purpose, it has no relation with reality, To know the result click the play button and the Application will automatically calculate the quality percentage by using these details form your Facebook profile like your name, family member ( Mother and father) It will show the result in a percentage.

What will your friends feel after posting it on the Facebook wall?

After getting the result, if you want, you can post the result on your Facebook wall so that your friend can also know you are similar to your mom or dad. And they can also use it.


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